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The bodies of two children were discovered at Kakpayili, with suspicion of foul play related to ritualistic motives.

Written by on July 1, 2024

Two children have been found dead at Kakpayili in the Tamale metropolis of the Northern Region.

The residents suspect that the children were murdered for ritual purposes, as their decomposed bodies were abandoned in a vehicle behind Mallam Madaha’s house.

According to the Assemblyman for the Kakpayili Electoral area, Hafiz Andani, the two children, both aged three, went missing last Saturday.

A search was conducted for the boys, but after two days of not finding them, an official complaint was made to the police.

“They went missing on the 22nd, so on the 25th, we reported the case to the police,” Alhaji Hafiz said.

Alhaji Hafiz mentioned that some residents reported to the chief of the area that the two boys were last seen around Mallam Madaha’s residence.

Consequently, the chief invited Mallam Madaha to the GumaNaa palace for questioning.

“Some of the residents said they saw the children around his house before they went missing, so the chief invited him to the palace,” he said.

Mallam Madaha denied any knowledge of the crime, and his wife also denied the allegations.

Following his denial, tensions escalated among the residents, prompting the chief to request police assistance to escort Mallam Madaha to the police station.

“The chief called in the police, who arrived and took him to the station. However, later this evening around 4 o’clock, my people heard him granting interviews, which further fueled agitation,” Alhaji Hafiz added.

A thorough search was conducted, leading to the discovery of the two bodies inside a car behind Mallam Madaha’s residence.

The revelation intensified residents’ anger, resulting in the burning and vandalization of Mallam Madaha’s house.

The assemblyman urged the police to spare no effort in ensuring justice for the young victims.

“We demand justice for these boys. We do not want a recurrence of what happened to the Takoradi girls here.

“We are not concerned about the person’s status—whether a community leader, political figure, or anyone else. Our priority is justice,” he emphasized.”

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