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Tema and Takoradi Ports Decline in CPPI Report for 2023

Written by on June 26, 2024

In the latest Container Port Performance Index (CPPI) 2023, Ghana’s major ports, Tema and Takoradi, have shown concerning standings. Tema Port is ranked 376th out of 405 ports globally, while Takoradi Port is ranked 274th.

These rankings represent declines from their positions in the 2022 edition of the report. In 2022, Tema Port was ranked 205th, and Takoradi Port was ranked 245th out of 348 ports included in the CPPI.

These low rankings highlight the urgent need for improvements in port infrastructure and operations to enhance Ghana’s trade efficiency and economic growth.

The top-ranked container ports in the CPPI 2023 are Yangshan Port (China) in first place and the Port of Salalah (Oman) in second place, retaining their rankings from the CPPI 2022.

The Port of Cartagena has climbed to third place in the CPPI 2023 from fifth place in the 2022 index, while Tangier Mediterranean remains in fourth place.

Tanjung Pelepas has improved to fifth place, Ningbo has moved up from 12th in 2022 to 7th in 2023, and Port Said has risen from 16th to 10th in 2023. Some ports have dropped in rankings: Khalifa Port has fallen from third place in 2022 to 29th in 2023, and Hamad Port has dropped from 8th place in 2022 to 11th in 2023.

Ports play a crucial role in facilitating international trade, and their performance can significantly impact a country’s economic development.

The low rankings of Tema Port and Takoradi Port highlight areas where improvements can enhance their capacity and efficiency, better serving the growing demands of global trade.

Efforts to boost port performance could include investing in modern infrastructure, streamlining operational processes, and adopting advanced technologies to improve cargo handling and clearance times. By addressing these issues, Tema and Takoradi Ports could significantly improve their standings in future CPPI reports, thereby enhancing Ghana’s position in the global maritime industry.

The report, compiled by a team from the World Bank and the Maritime, Trade, and Supply Chain division of S&P Global Market Intelligence, serves as a reference point for improvement for key stakeholders in the global economy. These stakeholders include national governments, port authorities and operators, development agencies, supranational organizations, various maritime interests, and other public and private entities in trade, logistics, and supply chain services.

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