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Angela List denies allegations of corruption and deception.

Written by on June 20, 2024

Angela List, a prominent Ghanaian businesswoman, has rebutted allegations leveled against her in an article by the Spy News Agency (SNA) and subsequently circulated by Opera News.

Titled “Unveiling the Deception and Corruption of Ghanaian Businesswoman Angela List,” the article has been condemned by List as containing unsubstantiated and defamatory claims that have adversely affected her reputation.

List has insisted that both SNA and Opera News publish her rebuttal with equal prominence to the original article, as mandated by Article 162(6) of the Constitution of Ghana 1992, to rectify the narrative.

In her comprehensive response reviewed by Citi News on Thursday, June 20, List categorically refuted all allegations, asserting that they have not only tarnished her professional reputation but also caused personal distress.

She meticulously rebuts each allegation, underscoring her steadfast commitment to integrity and adherence to legal standards in her international business engagements.

List clarified that her achievements stem from diligent effort and ethical business principles, rather than political affiliations.

She revealed her role as a shareholder and director within the BCM Group, serving on a 5-member Interim Management Committee overseeing BCM Ghana Limited.

List challenges the publications to substantiate their claims with evidence, particularly regarding allegations of unlawful asset transfers and embezzlement.

Furthermore, List firmly denies accusations of document forgery in Jordan, involvement in violent incidents at mining sites, and facilitating illicit payments through shell companies.

She asserts that her business achievements are due to her merit and hard work, independent of any relationships with government officials.


Attention: Spy News Agency (SNA) and Opera News
a) On June 14, 2024, the Spy News Agency (SNA) published an article entitled “Unveiling the Deception and Corruption of Ghanaian Businesswoman Angela List”, which Opera News subsequently disseminated. The article is not just replete with unsubstantiated, defamatory, and fraudulent allegations against me, Angela List, but it has also caused significant damage to my reputation. I categorically and fervently refute each and every allegation made in the article. I demand that, in keeping with Article 162(6) of the Constitution of Ghana 1992, SNA and Opera News publish this rejoinder with the same prominence and circulation as the original publication to rectify this damage.
Responses to each unfounded accusation
b) From the outset, let me state unequivocally that I categorically deny each and every false allegation, baseless claim, and defamatory statement made against me in the articles published by SNA and Opera News, whether or not I have specifically addressed them in this rejoinder. These allegations have not only tarnished my professional reputation, but they have also deeply wounded me on a personal level. For clarity and to keep the record straight, I will now proceed to address each of the most egregious and damaging allegations individually:
i. The accusation that I was involved in a web of deceit and corruption that spans multiple countries is wholly unfounded and devoid of any credible evidence. In my business dealings, I have consistently upheld the highest level of integrity and have strictly adhered to the laws and regulations of the countries in which I conduct business, a fact that I am confident will be evident upon a thorough examination.
ii. The claim that I received preferential treatment within the Weah-led government in Liberia and benefited from my father’s political connections in Ghana is false and misleading. My professional accomplishments stand as a testament to my own diligence, hard work, and commitment, entirely independent of any political influence.
I have never capitalised on any political connections for personal benefit, and any suggestion that I have done so is a flagrant misrepresentation of my business ethics, values, and character. For over a decade, I have had the privilege of leading a talented team that has built a reputation for integrity and excellence in Liberia’s mining industry, predating the administration of former President Weah.
A: No. 35 Nortei Ababio Street, Airport Residential Area/ Accra
iv. Our success is a direct result of our collective tireless work ethic, firm dedication, and resolute commitment to ethical business practices. As the leader of this team, I am proud of the achievements we have made together,  which testify to the hard work, expertise, and dedication of each team member. Together, we remain steadfast in our steadfast commitment to conducting responsible and sustainable mining operations, playing an essential role in  fostering the growth and development of Liberia’s mining sector whilst prioritising the well-being of local communities and the environment.
v. The assertion that allegations of negligence, theft, and malfeasance compelled me to resign from BCM Group is a complete and utter fabrication. Indeed, I remain a shareholder and director of the BCM Group of mining contracting companies (made up of BCM International Limited and BCM Ghana Limited) and am largely responsible for the success of the company from the year 2001 to 2021. Indeed, by a ruling of the Commercial Court in Ghana, I am part of a 5-member Interim Management Committee that was set up and constituted to manage the affairs of BCM Ghana Limited. During my tenure at the helm of affairs at BCM Group, I did not face any allegations of misconduct and was responsible for the Company’s success in securing many contracts across the region and in Jordan. I implore SNA and Opera News to provide any evidence to substantiate these unfounded accusations.
vi. The allegation that I unlawfully transferred ownership of BCM Group assets to my own company, Nguvu Holdings, without the knowledge of my business partner and estranged husband, Paul List, is a blatant falsehood and devoid of any basis in fact. With the complete knowledge and consent of all relevant parties, we conducted all business transactions and asset transfers with the utmost transparency, in compliance with all legal requirements and in all fairness, taking into account any financial contributions made.
vii. The defamatory allegation that Jordanian authorities have issued an arrest warrant and travel restriction against me is a complete fabrication. Further, the claim that I forged corporate documents and obtained a false power of attorney in Jordan to remove Paul List’s control over his company is preposterous. I have not been subjected to an arrest warrant or travel restriction by Jordanian authorities, nor have I been involved in any illegal activities or forgeries in Jordan or any other country. I am a shareholder and Director of BCM International Limited, which is a 50% shareholder in the joint venture set up in Jordan to undertake an oil shale mining contract. I implore SNA and Opera News to provide the public with any credible evidence to substantiate these outrageous allegations.
viii. The defamatory allegation that I embezzled millions of dollars from a Jordanian company during my brief tenure in control is wholly unfounded and devoid of any merit. I have never embezzled any funds from any company and have consistently maintained the highest possible standards of integrity and transparency in my business dealings in Jordan. These unsubstantiated allegations are nothing more than a deliberate endeavour to undermine my credibility and reputation.
 The vile attempt to associate me with alleged violent incidents at mining sites under my control in Ghana, Mali, and Sierra Leone, which reportedly resulted in brutalities against illegal miners, is a gross distortion of the truth. I have consistently placed the safety and well-being of all individuals involved in my business operations as a top priority, and I passionately advocate against any form of human rights abuse or violence. The assertions by SNA and Opera News are not only inaccurate, but also calculatedly misleading and intended to undermine my business practices, character, and values.
x. The defamatory allegation that I have fabricated documents, misappropriated millions, and manipulated corporate structures to siphon funds for personal indulgences and bribes to government officials is a complete fabrication and bereft of any credible evidence. I challenge SNA and Opera News to provide any credible evidence to substantiate these grave allegations, as I have never engaged in any form of forgery, misappropriation, or bribery.
xi. The defamatory allegation that I have exploited my personal relationships with former President George Weah of Liberia and Minister John Peter Amewu of Ghana to conceal assets and secure mining concessions is both unfounded and highly speculative. The success of my business is entirely attributable to my own merits, hard work, and adherence to ethical business practices, rather than any personal relationships with government officials.
xii. The defamatory allegation that I have facilitated illicit payments to government officials through shell companies such as Mekinel Holding Limited and acted as a proxy for the interests of high-level public officials is entirely false and lacks any factual basis. I have never facilitated any illicit payments or acted as a proxy for anyone.
xiii. The defamatory allegation that I maintain relationships with sanctioned individuals in Liberia, such as Nathaniel McGill and Bill Twehway, who are accused of corruption and undermining democracy, is wholly unfounded and highly damaging to my reputation. I have no personal or professional relationships with any sanctioned individuals, and I unequivocally condemn any actions that undermine democracy or promote corruption.
c) SNA and Opera News published a brazen display of irresponsible journalism, which was characterized by a malicious intent to damage my reputation and professional standing, as well as a careless disregard for the truth. A single piece of credible evidence does not  substantiate the accusations thrown at me, which are merely a web of lies designed for sensationalism and character assassination.
 d) SNA and Opera News have a constitutional, legal, and moral obligation to promptly publish this rejoinder with the same prominence and circulation as the original article in order to rectify the egregious violation of journalistic ethics and public trust inflicted by their fabricated publications. Additionally, they are required to offer a public apology that is comprehensive, unambiguous, and unequivocal, recognising the irreparable damage to my reputation and the baseless nature of their allegations.
e) I reserve the right to pursue appropriate legal remedies against SNA, Opera News, and any other parties involved in the publication and dissemination of these false and defamatory allegations. To all other reckless media houses that may want to serve as willful conduits for spreading falsehoods aimed at tarnishing my enviable reputation, please be reminded that I am firm in my dedication to the defence of my honour, and I will diligently pursue every legal option at my disposal to safeguard my rights and interests.
f) It is important to emphasize that my stance is not merely a personal matter but rather a protest against the concerning and pervasive culture of sensationalism and misinformation that afflicts segments of our media landscape. By holding SNA and Opera News accountable for their actions, we send a clear and potent message that such reckless and irresponsible journalism will not be tolerated and that the truth and integrity of our public  discourse must be upheld at all costs.
Ange a List
Dated 19 June 2024
cc:National Media Commission
All Other Media Houses

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