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USAG Encourages Students to Utilize Government Initiatives for Start-Ups

Written by on June 11, 2024

The University Students Association of Ghana (USAG) has urged students nationwide to leverage government programs designed to support startup development. USAG urges students to take advantage of govt initiatives for start-upsOver the years, students and unemployed graduates have been encouraged to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities to address the growing challenge of youth unemployment in the country.

The increasing prevalence of graduates struggling to find decent jobs has highlighted this issue among the youth.

To combat this, the government has implemented several initiatives aimed at reducing youth unemployment by promoting entrepreneurship.

In line with this initiative, the University Students Association of Ghana (USAG) has partnered with key stakeholders to tour selected universities across the country, encouraging students to take entrepreneurship seriously and build themselves economically.

The stakeholders include the Ghana Enterprise Agency (GEA), the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP), and Precious Minerals Marketing Company (PMMC), among others.

During the tour’s visit to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, the CEO of the Ghana Enterprise Agency, Kosi Yankey Ayeh, advised students to be disciplined, seize available opportunities, and embrace failure as a part of growth.

“The journey to success often involves failures, which serve as stepping stones. Embracing failure is crucial; it’s not about avoiding failure but about learning from it. How can you leverage your failures to redefine your next opportunity? Failure makes you stronger and enables you to dream big. Surround yourself with mentors and supporters,” advised the CEO of GEA.

On the sidelines of the event, Patrick Kusi Adu, President of the University Students Association of Ghana, urged students to capitalize on available opportunities to enhance their entrepreneurial skills.

“We have NEIP offering the u-starter program, a business innovation initiative. Many students and youths are benefiting from this program, and I encourage the youth in our tertiary institutions, as well as those in senior high schools or not currently enrolled in school, to seize this opportunity provided by the government.

“When we visited the University of Cape Coast, we encountered five students who have received support from the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme through the u-starter program.

“This initiative is ongoing. For those unaware, we urge every youth to seek out this information. Visit their offices, inquire about the program, and enroll yourself. By doing so, you can become a beneficiary,” stated Patrick Kusi Adu, President of USAG.

He also dismissed reports of bureaucratic abuse of authority in the application process for such programs, urging students not to be deterred from seizing these opportunities.

“Applying for or enrolling in this project is not cumbersome. I’ve personally assisted a student or youth in applying for the U-Starter program. It’s as simple as following a link, filling out the forms online. The only personal involvement required is to visit the offices and sign as a guarantor. It’s not a complicated process,” he emphasized.

“As students, we are in tertiary institutions precisely because we possess the capability to navigate through any documentation or process required. By actively participating in these programs and following through the necessary procedures, we not only exercise our freedom but also gain access to the resources we require from these agencies. The opportunities are abundant; it’s up to us to seize them,” emphasized the President of USAG.

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