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Chief Justice Stresses Need for Enhanced Legal Education and Facilities to Enhance Justice Delivery

Written by on June 10, 2024

Chief Justice Gertrude Torkornoo emphasizes the need for the government to improve and expand nationwide facilities to enhance justice delivery.

Speaking at a ceremony to inaugurate the new office complex designated for the Attorney General and other officials of the Justice Ministry on Monday, June 10, Chief Justice Gertrude Torkornoo underscored that while the construction of more courts is crucial, it alone cannot significantly enhance access to justice.

In her address, she emphasized the imperative for the government to allocate resources to a variety of projects, including reforms in legal education, in order to elevate the overall delivery of justice. This resonates with the idea that a multifaceted approach is necessary to effectively address complex challenges.

To illustrate her point, the Chief Justice likened the justice system to a network of roads: while adding more lanes to a highway can alleviate traffic congestion, addressing underlying issues such as road maintenance and traffic management is equally vital to ensure smooth and efficient transportation for all.

By advocating for improvements not only in infrastructure but also in legal education, the Chief Justice highlighted the interconnectedness of various components within the justice system. Much like how a symphony requires harmonious coordination among different instruments, an effective justice system relies on the synergy between adequate facilities, competent legal professionals, and accessible legal education.

Her remarks underscore the importance of a holistic approach in addressing systemic challenges and advancing the cause of justice. In doing so, Chief Justice Torkornoo provided a clear vision for a justice system that is not only accessible but also efficient and equitable for all citizens.

Chief Justice Torkornoo emphasized the critical nature of these initiatives in fostering a more effective and accessible legal system.

Moreover, she urged for intentional actions to cater to the diverse requirements of legal professionals, ensuring they possess the essential support and infrastructure to execute their responsibilities proficiently.

“Access to justice surpasses the mere provision of courts. It encompasses facilities for legal education, law reporting, platforms for law reforms, resources for legal aid services, and well-equipped professionals across the justice delivery spectrum.

“We are still faced with the task of providing suitable venues for the myriad needs of professionals within the justice delivery framework, and I am optimistic that in the near future, we will witness the establishment of another splendid edifice nearby to accommodate the Council for Law Reporting, Legal Aid Commission, the Legal Service Board, and all associated agencies dedicated to providing justice to our beloved nation,” she expressed.

The Law House project, initiated in 2001, initially aimed for completion in May 2004. However, it encountered setbacks, leading to its suspension and subsequent re-award on January 10, 2023, ultimately reaching fruition in June 2024.

The project spanned the tenures of four Presidents: John Agyekum Kufuor, John Evans Atta Mills, John Dramani Mahama, and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Initially conceived as an eight-story office edifice, the project underwent a revision to a ten-story structure inclusive of a two-level basement.

The final design incorporates conference facilities, 130 office units, 120 parking spaces, a dining area, and various other amenities, significantly augmenting its capacity and utility.

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