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Kasoa: GAF begins probe into murder of soldier at Millennium City

Written by on May 1, 2024

Investigations have been launched into the tragic death of a soldier at Millennium City in Kasoa, Central Region by the Ghana Armed Forces.

Lance Corporal (L/Cpl) Danso Michael was reportedly killed amid a dispute over land ownership.

In a statement released on Wednesday, May 1, the GAF revealed that initial findings indicate L/Cpl Omar Abdul Rahman was embroiled in a land dispute concerning a half plot at Millennium City. Authorities at the Millennium City Police Station had advised all involved parties to refrain from any activity on the disputed land until the matter was resolved.

The statement adds that “Allegedly, L/Cpl Omar Abdul Rahman was informed some people were working on the land. Accompanied by two of his colleagues – L/Cpl Danso Michael (Deceased) and L/Cpl Ametus Matthew, they visited the land and confirmed the information. L/Cpl Omar Abdul Rahman and his colleagues stopped the people from working and proceeded to the Millennium City Police Station to report the issue.”

“Whilst at the Police Station, the acclaimed owner of the land arrived with 2 others believed to be land guards and confronted the soldiers during which they started firing at the deceased soldier who was going to park a vehicle at the Police Station. The police disarmed and arrested the firer after realizing L/Cpl Danso had been hit by the rounds fired. The body of the deceased soldier has since been deposited at the 37 Military Hospital morgue,” it added.

The GAF expressed its deepest sympathies to the family, colleagues, friends, and loved ones of the fallen soldier adding that it is working closely with the police to conduct further investigations.

“The general public will be duly informed about the outcome of the investigations in due course,” it added.

The GAF also expressed its strong condemnation of the unprovoked attack.

“We reiterate our commitment to maintaining law and order in our communities and urge all citizens to seek peaceful and lawful means to resolve land disputes and to refrain from engaging in acts of violence to prevent such tragic incidents,” it added.



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